The American Economy

The American economy should work for the American people. The measure of our success isn't necessarily abstract GDP growth, but creating and sustaining flourishing communities. Our economic policy should be focused on this fundamental goal. 

Let's be clear: markets work for us, not the other way around. 

As part of this, we must restore our manufacturing capability and decouple our economy from Communist China. We need to enact trade policies that are American First and which fight back against China’s anti-free market practices. In Congress I would support legislation that would ban Communist China from buying our farmland here in Utah. 

Our goal should be to achieve national resiliency, allowing us to develop & manufacture our own advanced technologies here at home and not overseas. 

Along the same lines, we need to cut useless regulations & taxes and reopen our oil & gas pipelines to once again become energy independent. There is no reason why gasoline should not be affordable for the average American family.

Defending free market enterprise also means fighting back against Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores which undermine market principles to push a backdoor socialist agenda. 

Finally, we need to get back to true fiscal conservatism by cutting federal spending and not supporting so called "omnibus bills". The reason our money is becoming less valuable is because we are printing it out of thin air. If we do not rein in inflation and the out of control debt today, we will ensure the economic ruin of our children and grandchildren tomorrow.