I believe it’s time for a new generation of conservative leaders to fight back against a corrupt & unaccountable DC establishment so that we can return power back to everyday Americans who just want more control over their own lives. We are fighting to preserve our way of life, not just for us but for future generations of Americans.

In order to accomplish this my platform is centered on three key areas:

1. Assert more aggressive Congressional oversight. It’s long past time that our representatives have a stronger sense of urgency to actually hold this administration accountable. This includes launching Congressional investigations into the Biden administration on the collapse of Afghanistan, the abuse of the FBI in targeting parents at school board meetings, Biden family corruption, Big Tech censorship in the 2020 election and Anthony Fauci. It’s critical that we hold this administration accountable over the next two years so that we not only gain justice, but so that Biden & his cronies can’t keep getting away with their unchecked abuse of power.

2. Dismantle the administrative state & return power back to local government. The only way we can reign in government spending, end medical tyranny, and protect parents’ rights in education is by dismantling the DC administrative state (the so called “4th branch of government”) and return power back to local government as the Constitution intended. This will require reforming the FBI, ATF, IRS, public health agencies (including Fauci’s position), Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Education. It’s time we abolish the Department of Education and get that funding back to the states with no strings attached so that parents can have better oversight and accountability of their children’s education. We actually had better education outcomes before the department was federalized in 1980 than we do today.

3. Return to an America First platform. America First isn’t about President Trump. It’s about the policies and principles which made & keep our country great. Its first and foremost definition means that the government works for us, not the other way around. An America First platform includes achieving energy independence by removing useless regulations, finally securing our southern border by finishing the wall, decoupling our economy from Communist China to restore our manufacturing base in advanced technologies back here at home, and having a prudent foreign policy that avoids ‘forever wars’ abroad. It also includes protecting the free market which is under attack by woke ESG scores which have been used to blackmail our fossil fuel industry. 

Saving our country won’t be easy. But with a new generation of strong conservatives in Washington we’ll have strength in numbers. That’s why I intend to support the House Freedom Caucus—fellow Republicans like Representative Jim Jordan—as they fight for our liberties.

I’m also pledging my
commitment to term limits, banning Congress from trading stocks, and only running through the state convention (as I am now) if elected in the future, this way I will be accountable to the party and not special interest groups.

I firmly believe that our country’s brightest days are still ahead of us, but we have to be willing to fight— together—for them! We must defend the American way of life!

Election Integrity

A republic cannot survive if a significant portion of its citizens do not have confidence in the integrity of its electoral outcomes or procedures.

We must get back to basics in how we carry out our elections and return to common sense voting techniques, which not too long ago we all agreed upon: voter ID, signature verification on absentee ballots, ending mass mail-in voting, auditing voter rolls, and ensuring that state legislatures (not courts) write election rules.

Just as we do in the business & financial world on a regular basis, every election should similarly be subject to audit at the request of either party. 

Congress should use every lever of power within its means to support the states on this issue (for example, not providing funding to any elections that allow non-citizens to vote).

Big Tech should not be able to influence elections and violate our right to free speech. Full stop. We need to hold them accountable for meddling in the 2020 elections by censoring information vital to the American electorate so that they can't do it again in future elections. 

Congress must work with state governments to secure our elections! 

The American Economy

The American economy should work for the American people. The measure of our success isn't necessarily abstract GDP growth, but creating and sustaining flourishing communities. Our economic policy should be focused on this fundamental goal. 

Let's be clear: markets work for us, not the other way around. 

As part of this, we must restore our manufacturing capability and decouple our economy from Communist China. We need to enact trade policies that are American First and which fight back against China’s anti-free market practices. In Congress I would support legislation that would ban Communist China from buying our farmland here in Utah. 

Our goal should be to achieve national resiliency, allowing us to develop & manufacture our own advanced technologies here at home and not overseas. 

Along the same lines, we need to cut useless regulations & taxes and reopen our oil & gas pipelines to once again become energy independent. There is no reason why gasoline should not be affordable for the average American family.

Defending free market enterprise also means fighting back against Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores which undermine market principles to push a backdoor socialist agenda. 

Finally, we need to get back to true fiscal conservatism by cutting federal spending and not supporting so called "omnibus bills". The reason our money is becoming less valuable is because we are printing it out of thin air. If we do not rein in inflation and the out of control debt today, we will ensure the economic ruin of our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

Restore Medical Freedom

We cannot allow “emergency-ism” to be used to justify government overreach and act as the basis for upending our fundamental rights protected by the Constitution.

In this fight, the Bill of Rights is simply non-negotiable.

We must adopt a pragmatic & sustainable approach to combating Covid-19, recognizing that each individual is best positioned to make their own personal health decisions – not government bureaucrats.

Federal vaccine mandates must be repealed – for both citizens and our service members – and illegal lockdowns must never be allowed to happen again.

Finally, Anthony Fauci must be held accountable for lying to Congress and investigated for his role in the Covid-19 pandemic. Congress must also act to ban federal funding for dangerous “gain of function” genetic research.

American Sovereignty

A nation cannot survive if it does not have secure borders. It simply is not a sovereign state. That said, we must finally secure the southern border with Mexico.

This means using every tool we have to end illegal immigration: finishing the wall, employing smart technology including drones & tunnel detection systems, and providing greater investment in the resources & capabilities of our Border Patrol agents.

We also need an immigration system that is fair for those who follow the rules, deters illegal immigration and works for our communities not Big Business. We should return to President Trump's Remain in Mexico policy. 

God-Given Rights

Our rights to life, liberty and property come from God, not government. 

I am 100% pro-life and believe in the sanctity of life. I believe each of us are a child of God and as such have inherent worth & dignity, to include the unborn. We must appoint judges willing to overturn Roe v. Wade. A nation which commits genocide against its unborn cannot survive.

The Second Amendment is another God given right that we must fight harder to defend. The right to arms is not about hunting. It’s about our fundamental right to fighting government tyranny and self defense. Our Founders understood that an armed people, is a free people.

I will never vote for any so called "red flag laws" and believe that we need to start actively rolling back anti-2A regulations. I also support the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, Gun Owner Privacy Act, and Hearing Protection Act.  

Empower Parents

We need to ensure every federal & state education policy is aimed at maximizing parental rights and control over the education of their own children.

As the Supreme Court definitively upheld, “the primary role of the parents in the upbringing of their children is now established beyond debate as an enduring American Tradition” (Wisconsin V. Yoder, 1972).

The federal government must do more to support this fight at the state level.

Congress should ban any federal funding that supports Critical Race Theory (CRT), as well as so called transformative Social & Emotional Learning (SEL). Congress should enforce federal regulations that require transparency for school curriculums.

We also need to actively fund patriotic education (such as the 1776 Commission) and teach our children about the horrors of Communism throughout history. 

I support legislation by Rep. Thomas Massie to defund the Department of Education and return this power & funding back to the states where parents can have better oversight and accountability. We had better education outcomes before 1980 when the Department of Education came online than now. 

It is also important that Congress ensures that the FBI is never again used to intimidate parents speaking out at school board meetings. Attorney General Garland must be held accountable.

Finally, we need representatives who are willing to use their position of power to shape and define the cultural debates on these issues – not just stay silent like too many current GOP representatives do.

Put Utah First

We must restore power back to the states and away from the federal government as intended by the 10th amendment.

In this spirit, the people of Utah should be in the driver's seat when it comes to legislation that impacts land within our state, including on national parks and monuments. 

Likewise I support legislation which would ban Communist China, or other foreign powers, from buying or controlling our precious farmland.

We need limited, effective, and accountable government and this is best achieved at the state level. The federal government should be focused on national security, trade deals that are America First, and securing our border. 

Military Reform

The current state of our military is unacceptable.

Woke generals need to be replaced. Just like in our schools, the divisive and hateful doctrine of Critical Race Theory (CRT) must be banned from being taught to our troops.

We need less General Mark Milley, and more General George S. Patton.

This administration must also be held accountable for weakening America and emboldening our enemies abroad. Congress must ensure that the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the utter lack of leadership that caused it, never happens again and that the officials responsible for it are finally held accountable. 


I believe that we need a foreign policy that puts America First and which never lets us get bogged down in 'forever wars' or nation building abroad ever again.

Instead, we should start getting tough on actual threats like Communist China, which presents a national security challenge unlike anything we've ever seen before in our country’s history.

Against this unprecedented threat we must urgently launch a “Manhattan Project” like effort to rapidly modernize our military on everything from AI, to cyber, space, hypersonic missiles and our nuclear deterrent - for which Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) must play a critical role.

Hill Air Force Base is critical to our district’s economy – contributing about ~4bn annually. In fact, it’s the largest single-site employer in the state. We need to fight at the congressional level to protect the interests of our service members and civilian contractors and ensure HAFB is never closed or moved as the Obama administration tried to do in 2013.

I am also committed to sponsoring legislation that will finally harden our electric grid to protect against the EMP threat.  


Finally, we need to start putting our troops first. This starts with repealing the vaccine mandate, restoring any lost benefits or pay to service members discharged due to this mandate, and continuing the reforms to the Veterans Administration (VA) started by President Trump. Our troops & veterans need more control over their healthcare. 

The greatest trust we can place in our representatives is making the decision to send our young men and women to war.

I have seen war firsthand as a civilian intelligence officer – I would be the first Utah house representative to have served in Iraq or Afghanistan. I will never send our troops to fight abroad in forever wars. 

Our military should be focused on only one thing, and one thing only: being the most lethal fighting force in the world. We must ensure peace through OUR strength. As Teddy Roosevelt put it, we will "speak softly, but carry a big stick”.