Utah Republican Veterans Caucus

Andrew has been a strong advocate for our service members and veterans. He’s fought to help remove the vaccine mandate on Utah’s National Guard and has met with local veterans’ groups about how to help reform the VA. Andrew also has deep foreign policy expertise that will be critical as we confront an increasingly dangerous world and need to make sure our military is capable of meeting the threats posed by adversaries like China.

Stephanie Liberty & Natalie Clawson

Secure Vote Utah

Liberty, ClawsonAndrew was a strong supporter of the Secure Vote Utah campaign, helping to fight for election integrity here in Utah by helping us collect signatures and raise awareness for our campaign. Andrew is the only candidate who has put forward tangible policies to help secure our elections at the federal level. We offer him our full support.

Lisa Logan

Utah Parents United

Lisa LoganAndrew has been a strong advocate for parental rights in education, making it one of his top priorities since he announced his candidacy nearly 6 months ago. Andrew has worked closely with myself and fellow parental rights advocates in the state and is helping raise awareness by inviting one of the nation’s foremost CRT experts to speak here in Utah. Andrew is the only candidate calling for abolishing the Department of Education and returning that power and funding to the states. We need more federal representatives in Utah willing to speak up and fight for parents’ rights!

Jason Preston

Candidate for Utah Congressional District 3

Jason Preston

There’s a great awakening happening in this country right now. We the People are demanding power back from the government. Now is not the time for the same tired methods from career politicians. We need conservative warriors who are going to stand on principle and never back down in fighting for the Constitution. Andrew represents the new generation of conservative leaders we need representing us in Washington.

David Shedd

Former Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

David Shedd

Andrew served our country with honor and distinction as an operations officer for the DIA. His role was to go out and collect vital information in support of our military. He volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan where he was on the front lines in collecting human intelligence to ensure our service members had the best information possible. His experience on national security is invaluable and will be critical to helping provide congressional oversight to American foreign policy and keeping our country safe.