Empower Parents

We need to ensure every federal & state education policy is aimed at maximizing parental rights and control over the education of their own children.

As the Supreme Court definitively upheld, “the primary role of the parents in the upbringing of their children is now established beyond debate as an enduring American Tradition” (Wisconsin V. Yoder, 1972).

The federal government must do more to support this fight at the state level.

Congress should ban any federal funding that supports Critical Race Theory (CRT), as well as so called transformative Social & Emotional Learning (SEL). Congress should enforce federal regulations that require transparency for school curriculums.

We also need to actively fund patriotic education (such as the 1776 Commission) and teach our children about the horrors of Communism throughout history. 

I support legislation by Rep. Thomas Massie to defund the Department of Education and return this power & funding back to the states where parents can have better oversight and accountability. We had better education outcomes before 1980 when the Department of Education came online than now. 

It is also important that Congress ensures that the FBI is never again used to intimidate parents speaking out at school board meetings. Attorney General Garland must be held accountable.

Finally, we need representatives who are willing to use their position of power to shape and define the cultural debates on these issues – not just stay silent like too many current GOP representatives do.