Can Andrew Badger De-RINO the Utah GOP?

By Jared Whitley | 25 January 2022

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Can Andrew Badger De-RINO the Utah GOP?

The honey badger became one of the most meme-able animals on the planet about 10 years ago, thanks to videos of its ferocity, boldness and seeming invulnerability.

The honey badger is so strong, for example, that when it fights a cobra, it can safely absorb more venom than the snake can produce. So even if the cobra poisons the honey badger, it just takes a little nap and finishes the snake off later.

Can Andrew Badger – currently running for Utah’s 1st House district – prove to be as strong as a honey badger in the upcoming primary for the seat?

“When I speak with neighbors across the First District it’s clear to me that our country is in crisis,” Badger said in his speech at the annual Salt Lake County Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner recently.

“Our very way of life is under threat … a threat unlike perhaps anything we’ve ever seen before in our lifetimes. I believe in this moment we face America’s darkest hour: our ruling class corrupted, our borders broken, our children taught to hate, our economy stagnant, our adversaries overseas emboldened, And in this moment – sadly – I don’t believe enough in our party have come to terms with the extent of this crisis or the true nature of our opponents.”

Badger is directly referring to Blake Moore, who is currently the freshman congressman representing said 1st District. Moore has infuriated his constituents by making high-profile gestures like supporting the January 6 commission and holding fundraisers for RINO/neo-con Liz Cheney.

Moore has also expressed support for Biden’s horrifying “Build Back Better” infrastructure bill and a vaccine database.

“To many of us it seems as if the GOP is in intent on doing nothing more than waving the white flag,” Badger continued in his speech. H was the only one at the Lincoln Day dinner to receive a standing ovation. “Too many conservatives allow the left and the media to define what is acceptable public or political discourse. They fear cancel culture more than they fear their constituents.”

Moore is not alone in infuriating Utah’s conservative majority with shows of capitulation to the radical left intended to win ego-massaging headlines. Sen. Mitt Romney and Gov. Spencer Cox have been doing it for years, though Cox seems to have found a backbone lately. (It remains to be seen whether that’s because he’s had a come-to-Jesus moment, figuratively speaking, or just because he sees which way the political winds are blowing.)

Some Utah representatives have proven eager to support highly questionable measures like impeaching President Trump or supporting the Jan. 6 commission, Badger continued, but lack the enthusiasm to investigate the collapse of Afghanistan, Merrick Garland, Mark Milley, or Anthony Fauci.The Biden administration’s disastrous pull-out of Afghanistan is an issue near and dear to Badger, as he deployed to the country in 2014 as a civilian intelligence officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

He worked alongside Special Forces, traveled off-base to recruit human agents to provide information about our enemies' plans – such as where they’d planted IEDs. His reporting was briefed to senior military commanders and even in the President's Daily Brief (PDB).

Badger’s impressive resume also includes degrees from Harvard and Oxford universities, studying government and international politics. Furthermore, following a mission for the LDS Church to South Korea, he worked as a ranch hand in rural Utah.

Meanwhile, Moore served in the notoriously Democrat-run Foreign Service, which is perhaps why when liberals push him, he folds faster than The Flash on laundry day.

“At both Harvard and Oxford, I was often the lone conservative in the proverbial liberal lion’s den, instilling within me the fortitude and resolve necessary to effectively defend conservative values against radical leftism,” he said in his speech.

Utah’s 1st District is reliably red, so whoever wins the primary will win the general election. On the one hand, we have staunchly America First candidate who’s worked as a ranch-hand, in the Pentagon and alongside Special Forces in actual theaters of war.

On the other hand, we have a RINO who, well … is kind of handsome.

This paradigm is one facing many parts of the country. Republican primary voters will have to decide if they are content with the apparent down-spiral of American power both at home and abroad, or if they believe something can – and should – be done.

Will Andrew Badger be enough to pull the venom out of the Utah GOP and keep on fighting? Here’s hoping.

Jared Whitley is a long-time politico who has worked in the U.S. Congress, White House and defense industry. He is an award-winning writer, having won best blogger in the state from the Utah Society of Professional Journalists (2018) and best columnist from Best of the West (2016). He earned his MBA from Hult International Business School in Dubai.

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