My roots in Utah run deep.

I'm a 5th generation Utahn of pioneer ancestry, including Rodney Badger who was the first law enforcement officer in Utah to give his life in the line of duty. His statue stands outside the Utah State Capitol building.

I went to public school here K-12 (graduating from Timpview High School in 2005), where I learned to love my country. My character and values were forged in Boy Scout outings to the West Desert and high school football games at Rice Eccles stadium. Utah made me into the man I am today.



After high school I did a post-graduate year at Phillips Academy in MA, and later served an honorable & full-time church mission in South Korea for two years. I graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor's degree in Government and Middle Eastern Studies. 

At Harvard I was a member of the Harvard Republican Club my senior year and enrolled in political science courses taught by conservative professors, including Professor Harvey Mansfield, one of the most respected scholars on the Federalist Papers. I also worked as a research assistant to a senior U.S. Air Force Officer.


I later obtained my master's degree in Diplomacy from the University of Oxford, where I also graduated with honors from the Foreign Service Program which is designed to educate diplomats. 

At Oxford I learned the ins & outs of international trade and law – including how to best advance the national interests of America abroad. My dissertation focused on the dynamics of future conflict in space and was awarded honors. 

At both Harvard & Oxford I was often the lone conservative in the proverbial liberal lion’s den, instilling within me the fortitude and resolve necessary to effectively defend conservative values against radical leftism.

After college, my first job was as a ranch hand in Vernal. This work was the most difficult but rewarding in my life. I learned things about myself and the way the world works that I could never learn in a university classroom - values like rugged individualism and grit in the face of adversity.

I started my career as a civilian intelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) which is responsible for supporting the military's intelligence requirements. 

My role was to collect intelligence from human sources to support and enable our warfighters to accomplish their mission of keeping our country safe. I passed a background investigation that granted me a Top Secret security clearance. 

In 2014 I volunteered for deployment to Afghanistan, serving in Herat and Kabul.

Working alongside our Special Forces, I went off base to recruit human agents to provide information about our enemies' plans and intentions (such as where IEDs were planted that would harm our troops).

My reporting was briefed to our senior military commanders and was cited in the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB).


Over the last 3 years I worked for a management consulting firm (McKinsey & Company) where I was at the center of international business. I learned first hand the mechanics of international trade and how to effectively work with diverse teams to solve complex problems.

This experience in the private sector provided me the skillset necessary to start making the American economy work for America, not globalists. 

Recently engaged to my fiancée, I'm hoping to soon start a family. In my spare time I volunteer as a youth football coach and have a passion for studying military history and biblical archaeology. 

Andrew lives in Ogden and looks forward to raising his family in the 1st District.