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Andrew is the only America First candidate for Utah's 1st District! 


About Andrew

Andrew Badger is running for Utah's 1st Congressional District in Northern Utah. Andrew is a 5th generation Utahn and attended public school here K-12. He later obtained his B.A. in Government from Harvard College and Master's Degree in Diplomacy from the University of Oxford. Andrew served with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and worked in the private sector as a risk advisor for emerging markets. Andrew is the WINNER of the Utah State GOP Nominating Convention with 59% of the vote! He lives in downtown Ogden.

Why I'm running

I left my career to run for public office because I believe our country is in a state of crisis. Our American way of life is under threat like never before. 

Many of the Establishment Republicans currently in office however lack the resolve and sense of urgency necessary to take on these challenges.

My wake-up call to this fact was what happened in Afghanistan.

Having deployed to Afghanistan in 2014 as a DIA Intelligence officer, our defeat there last summer made it clear to me that we need stronger conservatives in Washington who are willing to go on the offense and actually hold the Biden administration accountable.

And it’s not just our disastrous foreign policy where there's zero accountability.

Our country also faces a broken border, runaway inflation & gas prices, illegal COVID mandates, corruption in public office, Big Tech meddling in our elections, and hateful doctrines taught to our children in public schools.

Instead of fighting back on these issues, our current representative in Utah’s 1st Congressional District, Blake Moore, sponsored a resolution to censure & condemn President Trump, voted for the partisan witch-hunt January 6th Commission (H.R. 3233) and supports Liz Cheney for party leadership.

I don’t believe caving to the left like Mitt Romney is going to save our country. We need stronger & bolder leadership. This is why I’m running.

The fundamental question in the election for Utah’s 1st Congressional District election is between voting for an America First candidate who’s going to fight against the DC Establishment to preserve our liberties and an incumbent who is going to fight for the DC Establishment.

I believe the voters of Utah’s 1st District want a strong America First conservative who can be trusted to always fight for them. I hope to earn your support and together save our country!


What separates Andrew from the incumbent?

What separates Andrew from the incumbent

Endorsements & Pledges

  • The Utah Republican Veterans’ Caucus
  • David Shedd - former acting director, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
  • Lisa Logan - SEL director at Utah Parents United
  • Stephanie Grant & Natalie Clawson - sponsors of Secure Vote Utah
  • Nichole Mason, co-founder Utah Parents United 
  • Corinne Johnson, co-founder Utah Parents United 
  • Jonathan Harvey, Director of BLEXIT's Utah Chapter
  • Pastor Dave Mallinak, Berean Baptist Church in Ogden
  • Jason Preston, We Are the People
  • Talk With Jon 
  • Jared Anderson & David Vice, hosts of the Tooele Happy Hour 
  • Summit County Freedom
  • Davis County Conservatives
  • Utah Freedom Coalition 
  • Weber County Patriots 
  • Signed pledge to support a Term Limits Amendment 
  • Signed pledge to only run through the Utah GOP state convention 

Key Policies

  • Secure our elections and defend free speech from Big Tech 
  • Empower parents in education by returning funding from the federal government back to the states
  • Uphold medical freedom by ending COVID mandates and holding officials like Fauci accountable
  • Restore American energy independence by cutting useless regulations and make gas affordable for American families 
  • Secure our borders, finish the wall and end illegal mass immigration
  • Defend free market principles, cut reckless spending, and fight back against woke ESG scores
  • Reform our military to ensure that we are capable of meeting the threat posed by Communist China
  • Put America First in our trade & foreign policy, particularly in avoiding "forever wars" abroad